House of Angostura © Celebrates World Gin Day with a Classic Pink Gin.

House of Angostura © Celebrates World Gin Day with a Classic Pink Gin.

House of Angostura © - Celebrates World Gin Day with a Classic Pink Gin.

The Pink Gin Cocktail came to life in a perfect storm of elegance, high-seas and life or death drama. The simple, yet potent drink is traditionally a mixture of Angostura © aromatic bitters with gin, and modern variations include adding tonic, prosecco or summer berries. There are so many possible flavours, that Angostura have launched a summer long campaign, working alongside some of the most delicious Gin brands so that you at home can enjoy all the variations. The Pink Gin Cocktail is easy to make at home and a perfect drink to raise a toast with this World Gin Day, Saturday 8th June 2019. Follow the Angostura Instagram account to enjoy at home.

A Pinkers Please
The heritage behind the Angostura Bitters Pink Gin serve... Once upon a time, alcohol was considered safer to drink than water while aboard a ship because it was distilled. Water went stagnant in barrels, and while rum was served to the lower ranks, the officers of the Royal Navy preferred the juniper delights of Navy strength gin. Ship surgeons in the early 1800's used gin to dispense tropical disease medicines to officers in the sunny climes of the East Indies.

In 1824, Dr J.G.B Siegert created Angostura © aromatic bitters as a healing elixir for soldiers fighting in Venezuela. In 1848, one enterprising Royal Navy ship surgeon added a few dashes of these bitters to a jigger of gin to alleviate complaints of seasickness. By the 1850's Angostura © aromatic bitters were being exported to England, across the Caribbean and in the USA, which coincided with the dawning of cocktail culture. The genteel Victorians in England were influenced by the returning heroes from their beloved Navy, and the Pink Gin - or Pinkers as it was affectionately termed by officers - became a popular phenomenon.

Once cocktail fever had truly taken hold of both America and the United Kingdom, both gin and bitters sales soared. The relationship between the Pink Gin and improved health dissolved, and the drink became beloved for its taste alone. In 1912, the partnership of J.G.B Siegert & Hijos was appointed direct supplier of Angostura © aromatic bitters to His Majesty King George V and therefore the bitters, and corresponding concoctions became associated with the highest possible rank in society. The classy Pink Gin became an established classic cocktail, forever to be remembered in the annals of history.

The Pink Gin Cocktail is full of aroma and flavour, and can be made using Angostura © aromatic bitters and any gin brand of your choice. It's as easy to make as it is to enjoy.

Pink Gin Recipe

60 ml gin
2 dashes Angostura © aromatic bitters
Glass: Old Fashioned

In a mixing glass, stir ingredients with ice to chill. Strain into a small old fashioned glass.

NB. For the truly derring-do, originally this drink would have been served warm without ice.

Pinkers (variation)
60 ml gin
2 dashes Angostura © aromatic bitters
100ml Prosecco Rosado
Glass: Gin Copa

In a mixing glass, stir gin and Angostura © aromatic bitters with ice to chill. Strain into a Gin Copa, top up with prosecco rosado and garnish with summer berries.

Angostura © aromatic bitters are available in Morrisons stores nation-wide, £10 for a 200 ml bottle at 44.7% abv.

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House of Angostura © Celebrates World Gin Day with a Classic Pink Gin.
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