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About Nelson's Distillery & School

One man created Nelson's Gin, an English Gin Distillery; Neil Harrison. In a world in which craft gins proliferate, Neil was confident that he had both the vision and the palate to create an exceptional gin. Having worked extensively as a chef, Neil knew that a pleasing and memorable tasting experience depends on the combination of many factors; from an inspired balance of flavours through to presentation, context and the all-too-elusive creation of ambience; the vital ingredient which owes more to alchemy than any practicality. Nelson's Gin is made in small batches, to be enjoyed by those who appreciate its life-affirming qualities. It is the only Gin made on the Derbyshire and Staffordshire borders, its manufacture being a sophisticated 21st-century version of a 'cottage industry'. Nelson's Gin is named in honour of England's greatest ever naval hero. Its flavour is also in homage to the grandfather of its inventor — an outstanding man by the name of Nelson James Harrison.

In 2019, Nelson's Gin expanded into producing rum, and at the same time, evolved into a limited company, now called Nelson's Distillery & School.

About Nelson’s Gin & Vodka School Experience

Nelson's Gin & Vodka School is a learning, teaching and tasting academy for connoisseurs of gin, or those who simply wish to know more. Each one-day Gin/Vodka School Experience plays host to a maximum of six students. The day is spent in a unique environment, learning about the creation of superlative gin. At the same time, participants are able to bring personal taste and preferences to the creation of their own unique, signature spirit. Cost: £115.00 per person.